Q. Is there any convenience store and restaurant?
A. Yes, there is a convenience store which open for 24 hours and some restaurants nearby our hotel.

Q. Can I use credit card for payment? 
A. Yes, we accept almost all kinds of credit card.

Q. Can I use hot spring baths for 24 hours? 
A. There are 3 sections of public bath in our property. Open hours are different for each public bath, so you can enjoy hot spring bath for 24 hours. Also, hot water for every guest room is hot spring water.

Q. Can I bring drinks to the property? 
A. We are afraid that we are guests to refrain from bringing drinks to the property.

Q. Can you make a reservation for a golf course?
A. If you inform us at the time of booking, we can help making a reservation for golf course. We usually book a golf course nearby our hotel which we recommend. However, we think it would be easier to make a sudden change to the reservation if you book by yourself.

Q. Can the hotel accommodate pets? 
A. We are sorry, but we ask guests to refrain from staying with pets. We will introduce you a bog hotel instead.

Q. Do you provide towels and Yukata? 
A. Yes, we prepare some Yukata in different size in the closet at guest rooms. If you need bigger Yukata, please request at the front desk. Also, we provide a face towel and a bath towel per guest. You will find them at the guest room. When you go to public baths, please bring them with you.

Q. Do you provide us medicines?
A. We are sorry, but we are not able to provide medicine due to the medical law. Please bring medicines with you when you come to our hotel.