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Large Public Bath

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Shuhoukan Large Public Bath
[Hours] 12:00 pm ~ 10:00 am
(Wednesday and Thursday open from 15:00)

Hachibankan Large Public Bath 
[Hours] 14:00 ~ 12:00 pm
(Friday open until 10:00 am, open again from 15:00 pm)

Shuhoukan Momiji-no-Yu (For Women)

  • 秀峰館女性大浴場

Momiji-no-yu features huge windows to make you be able to have a relaxing time. Sauna is also equipped. Soaking in the jet bath, you can relieve the fatigue from dairy life.

Shuhoukan Asa-no-Yu (For Men)

  • 秀峰館男性大浴場

Asa-no-yu features a wide bath and sauna. We recommend you to soak in the half outdoor jet bath and feel the natural wind.

Hachibankan Taki-no-Yu (For Men)

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Taki-no-yu features indoor baths and an open-air bath. There is also a Za-yu (Seating bath) , you can have a seat and enjoy hot spring.

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Hachibankan Taki-no-Yu (For Women)

  • 八番館大浴場

Taki-no-yu features Ne-yu (laying bath), a nano-mist sauna, and silky bath.

  • 八番館大浴場シルキー風呂(女性)
  • 八番館大浴場ミストサウナ(女性)